Sunday, August 31, 2008

Finding Your Inspirations

There are all sorts of ways you can find inspiration to keep going on your weight loss journey. Whether it's being healthier (an awesome thought), looking great, or feeling more comfortable when trying to date, you just have to find what works for you.

One inspiration is a lovely green velvet dress I used to be able to wear. Another are some really high boots. I have a whole stash of clothes of different sizes to work towards along the way.

Then there is DDR. I had fun playing it for 2 hours. I was busy unlocking songs and beating each challenge. There was one I got stuck on - I HAD to keep going until I passed it (and thus kept on exercising more in the process.) I have a lot more to unlock so I will HAVE to play lots more for sure.

I keep wondering what I will look like when I lose all the weight. I get a subscription to Fitness and Shape (tip: buy subscriptions on eBay - so much cheaper!) and I look at all the success stories. There are many where it doesn't look like the same person at all. I wonder how I will turn out.

There's another big reason but I'll leave that for another time, maybe. You just have to keep looking for the reasons to keep going.

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